Nalysis of the visual style and of an overall tone of a film

Choose a feature film with an interesting visual style, watch it with a pencil in hand, and write down all the elements in the film that were visually unusual and/or interesting and got your attention. Make an analysis on what exactly make the visual style work and how it contributes to the story in the movie:

a? Start with production design: anything interesting in interiors, exteriors, furniture, props, cars, shapes, colors, etc?

a? Did you notice anything special/unusual/interesting in costumes, make-up, hairstyles of characters? Do you think all these elements help to move the story forward? Or they were just mere a?illustrationsa?? Do you learn anything about characters just by looking at their costume/hair/make-up?

a? What about camera work? Any unusual compositions, framing? Many EWS? Or a great amount of ECU? A lot of handheld camera? Or Steadycam work (much smoother than handheld but still a always moving with characters)? What exactly do these techniques do for the story?

a? How does the lighting work for the story? (For example, in a difficult moment for the character the lighting might become darker. Or a on the contrary a disturbingly bright, too brighta¦)

a? Make research about the making of the movie (the best source is interviews in a?special featuresa? of the DVD or on internet interviews with the DP, gaffer, editor, sound people etc.) and then describe if there were any special on-camera or lighting or coloring techniques involved? How many cameras were used? Lights? Microphones? Dig out anything technical as you can, and then ask yourself a?WHYa? did filmmakers do it, what did it add to the story?

a? Make analysis of the editing and its style: did editor(s) use the continuity editing all the way, or were there parallel editing sequences? Or maybe a montage sequence at the beginning? Or during the climax of the story?

a? Sound design and music? Original music score or compilation of various songs? Or both?

a? At the end, give your general opinion about whether the visual style of the movie and its overall tone work for the story or against it?

Every time you make a statement, try to give a specific example(s) from the movie. You can even make a link to YouTube to show the example if youall find the scenes from your movie on YouTube OR if you know how to upload those examples on to YouTube. YouTube a?illustrationsa? are not required though.