Nalysis of theoretical explanations of the relationship between technology and society


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REPORT: 1500 words.
Analysis of theoretical explanations of the relationship between technology and society

For each of the three theoretical explanations of the relationship between technology and society we have discussed in the first half of the module:
1)Technological Determinism
2)Social Shaping
3)Social Construction
Explain what is meant by this theoretical explanation of the relationship [describe theory, use references]

Identify which of the quotations listed below you think illustrates the theoretical explanation [analyse]

Explain WHY you think that the theoretical view is illustrated by the quotation concerned. Make use of readings to support your answers. [develop an argument; use references]

a) Japanese robophilia is a futurist cult without the violence. Its core belief is that robots are marching benignly and inexorably into our homes and lives, where they will play as central a role later this century as the internet and the combustion engine do now. Leo Lewis, The Times February 7, 2009
b) a?Therefore, although user behaviour can be steered through material artefacts, humans are not powerless victims subjected to the whims of tehnological systems. Rather, the actual operation of technologies implies a process of mutual shaping between human actors and technical objectsa? (Dubbeld, 2006:190-191)
c) In a strange way we have the Cold War to thank for most of the post war advances in electronics and communication. The arms and space race between the USA and the USSR spurred many radical innovations especially in the area of miniaturisation.

d) a?In no more than seven years users of text messaging have transformed this product from a technologically designed concept that mobile network operators were reluctant to promote to a user driven service generating impressive, initially unplanned, revenues for the industry.a Vincent, J. (2003-04). Humansa [online] Available from: