Nalysis of three selected poems by Robert Frost

Purpose To write a well-structured essay which includes an analysis of three selected poems by robert frost

A. Write and introduction which includes an overview of Robert Frost and include titles of three poems you will discuss in your paper.
B. Write a separate subheading for each of the three selected poems.
c. Analyze each poem under its subheading. Use your own ideas (2/3 of content) and ideas of critics (1/3 of content). Theme for this study is speaking informally.
d. conclusionsummarize the content of paper to include robert frost (in general) and the poems you analyzed (in general) and how this content relates to life and human existence.

1) At least 5 typed pages not including title page and work cited
2) at least 5 sources, one of which much be a print source
3) Mla documentation (mechanics according to mla)
4) third person except for quotations which have first or second person
5) paraphrases,partial paraphrases, and long quotations
6) introduction to quoted material