Nalysis of two case studies exploring the management of long-term cardiorespiratory symptoms

This paper must be written by someone familar with the managment of long-term cardiac and respiratory conditions i.e. specialist nurse or doctor

3000-3300 words

UK Harvard Referencing

This essay will be based on two case studies (see below)

The writer is asked to produce a essay demonstrating the authors (nurse) understanding and knowledge of the management of long-term cardio-respiratory symptoms from a UK perspective.

This essay must critically explore the issues relating to the management of these patients long-term cardio-respiratory symptoms (psychological, physiological and social). This essay must demonstrate the depth of the author s knowledge of the different management strategies and their ability to critically evaluate the evidence relating to these. It must also demonstrate the author s ability to question clinical practice and justify the use of different interventions.

Scenario 1
David is a 71 year old male who lives with his wife. He is a retired labourer. Since his retirement he has put on a large amount of weight and now has a BMI of 27. He smokes 30 a day and is known to have hypertension, for which he is on treatment. David comes to see you complaining of shortness of breath on minimal exertion.

Scenario 2
Mary is 67 year old lad with severe COPD. A recent exacerbation resulted in a prolonged hospital admission. She has returned home to her family who are her main carers. Her daughter requests a home visit as Mary s condition has deteriorated since her discharge from hospital. Her daughter is concerned as Mary is breathless at rest, has a persistent cough and appears to have some ankle oedema.

Within this essay the writer must incorporate (demonstrate) the following:

▪ A critical evaluation of the literature relating to the appropriate assessment strategies for people with long-term cardio-respiratory symptoms and justifying their use.
▪ A critical evaluation of literature relating to relevant interventions and justifying their use in the management of these two patients.
▪ A critical evaluation of the different elements of the services available to support patients during end-stage disease and/or palliative care.
▪ A critical evaluation of the role of communication in the management of the symptoms experienced by patients in the scenarios above. Here interpersonal skills will be discussed, what these are, how communication is influenced, now nurses develop these skills.

A range of research and literature should be used in this essay, including where possible several articles/literature pieces obtainable from the internet which will be referenced accordingly.

The writer should not include the above descriptive scenarios in the actual word count.

This essay must be presented in the following way:

Main body (broken into sections, with reasoned argument and analysis)