Nalysis of Vemeers Woman Holding a Balance

Essay MUST be in APA format with impeccable U.S English writing. APA format includes the In-Text Citations, Reference List, and appropriate headings annotating the four parts of the essay requirements (see below). No title page or abstract is needed. Please go to the following link for additional guidance on APA format:

Please do not use Wikipedia as a source for this essay. Use the attached documents and the following links as your primary source for information:

Please read essay description requirements below. Please notify me if there are any questions.

Analyze Vermeer s Woman Holding a Balance (see the attachment)

Write a two to three page essay that includes:
1. Description: Identify and discuss the subject matter (ie. The focus of a work of art, what is it about) of the painting.
2. Analysis of Composition: Identify how Vermeer uses at LEAST 2 artistic elements and principles (e.g., space). Include specific examples.
Artistic Elements: Line, Form(shape), Color, Space, and Texture
Artistic Principles: Repetition, Balance, Unity, and Focal Area
3. Interpretation: Describe possible literal and symbolic meanings of the painting. Include and JUSTIFY your personal feelings.
4. Evaluation: Discuss the painting using art evaluation criteria (e.g., composition, design, etc.).

The following questions can be used to assist in ensuring all points are addressed:
1. Is your essay is clear and easy to understand?
2. Did you check your essay for spelling and grammatical errors?
3. Do you use good organization, solid sentence structure, and vocabulary associated with art analysis in your essay?
4. Did you make sure that you looked at the painting you are analyzing very closely, searching online for larger images of the painting so you can clearly discern all the details?
5. Did you describe the painting and present a clear and concise explanation of the subject matter of the painting and include additional insights about the subject?
6. Did you correctly identify the elements and principles used in the painting and describe how they are used?
7. Did you describe the symbolic interpretations found in the painting and write about multiple interpretations of the painting?
8. Did you accurately use aesthetic criteria to analyze the painting?