Nalysis of Victor & Vanquished: Spanish & Nahua Views of the Conquest of Mexico

***Present brief summaries or discussions of the nature of the book. Do not outline the detailed contents. Instead, ask yourself:
o What is the field covered by the book (or chapters, articles)?
o What is its scope?
o What is the authoras purpose in writing it?
o What is the central theme or thesis of the text?
o What does the author emphasize?
o What major conclusions are drawn?
o Is the author attempting to disprove some traditional idea on the subject about which they are writing?
o Are they attempting to present additional evidence in support of some previously stated thesis?
o Is the book primarily a straight narrative or is it analytical?
o What do you consider the most important message delivered by the book?

Not all of these questions may be useful or maybe all will, but these are simply to help you develop a strategy for addressing this task.

***To the best of your ability and knowledge, show the relation of the book to the general course of Afro-Latin America/Colonial Latin American history.
o Where does it fit in?
o What new light does it throw on history in general?
o In what ways does it contribute to a fuller understanding of a particular phase in Latin American history?
o Again, some of these questions may sound more appropriate once we have delved into more articles and texts and after you have gleaned information from lecture and discussion.

***Give a critical evaluation of the text.
o Discuss its merits and flaws, why you liked or disliked it, and whether you would recommend it to another student taking a similar course.
o Do you disagree with all or any part of the book?
o Does the evidence presented support the conclusions?
o Is the evidence presented with logic and cogency?
o Is there anything that you believe might have been omitted or something it is obviously lacking?