Nalysis on organizations for Half the Sky Movement

Using either the appendix listing organizations supporting women at the end of Half the Sky (pp.255-258) and/or the list of organizations on the Half the Sky Movement website (other-organizations),select two organizations that address the same general category of problem facing women.

Briefly explain what the general problem is. You can use Half the Sky, the Human Development and Gender Inequality Indices to describe the problem /) frame the problem (origins, causes, scope etc.) and b.) propose to ameliorate or solve the problem. Explain and analyze these viewpoints in your own words. Do not cut and paste from the website mission statements. What aspect(s) of the problem do they each focus on? Where do they each see the most effective entry point to foster change? In what ways do you see the human agency of women being incorporated into or being supported by the solutions promoted by each organization? Which of these two organizations would you be most inclined to get behind and why?