Nalysis on race (black) and representation on media

* Instruction from instructor: You are required to apply theoretical approaches to analyze a media industry, genre, practice or a media object of your choice.

* My notes for the writer: Im not a native speaker, so please write in simple form of English with good grammar, good words choice, and sentence structure. Please write in with creative thoughts about the material, not thoughts that are clichA¬©. In the first introduction part, please write a THESIS of what youre going to talk about. Please do not use I”. You will be watching a music video Lollipopby Lil Wayne and discuss how media represents black male in the society by having such a nice car, wears (material things) and many women next to them. And apply the reading with the music video content about racial stereotypes. Please do deeper and thoughtful thinking about them. It is VERY IMPORTANT to use proper quote from the reading that is CLOSELY RELATED with the example (music video content). I need to get this paper by May 4th, by 11:59pm in Eastern Time of U.S. I will attach the reading that you have to read and apply to the paper. Thanks.