Nalysis on the cycle of violence of Hector Tobars novel The Tattooed Soldier

write a 4 page essay. 12 font, double spaced. Be sure to organize your essay around a very specific and analytical thesis statement expressed in the first paragraph. Structure should include introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. paragraphs should have a main point(topic sentence) and supporting argument and details.At least 6 paragraphs. Include works cited at end of essay, the only source that should be used is the novel The Tattooed Soldier. Essay should be based on your own knowledge, experience and on the texts: The Tattooed Soldier by Hector Tobar. Write an analysis of the cycle of violence in The Tattooed Soldier. thesis should directly respond to this topic, and may focus primarily on the view point of the novel or on your own viewpoint, but the essay should include both.