Nalysis on the Dior Homme perfume commercial Jude Law, directed by Guy Ritchie

Style analysis: (sentence description; what it means interpretation; why the communicator (or they, or the director) does it this way)

Analysis on PROCESS:
Function: (questions such as:)
–what is the purpose behind the production
–does the media communicator want you to think or behave in a particular way as a result of receiving the information
-does the production contain any of the following?
latent function, multiple function, undefined function, false function, competing function

-Comparative media
–what are the mediums distinctive characteristics
–in what ways does the choice of medium affect: the communication strategy; the communication style; the content

–for whom is the media presentation produced
what values, experiences, perspectives are shared by the audience; do these values influence their understanding or interpretation of the presentation
how does the choice of audience influence the strategy, style and content of the media presentation


Not necessary to answer all question, but they are helpful.
A deep analysis on one thing is better than vague analysis on many points.

Sources are not a must