Nalysis on the Metamorphosis by applying physical or mental illness to Gregor

For your final paper do an analysis or compare/contrast on The Metamorphosis by applying a physical or mental illness to Gregor:

How does Gregor remind you of how broken and/or sick people are treated in society, such as: AIDS patients/old people/cancer patients/drug addicts/homeless/that strange boy in grade school who eats crayons. How does his family, the manager and the three roomers treat him as such?

Again, choose your own malady and apply it to Gregor. In your research use medical and/or psychology journals to help define Gregors diagnosis.

Make sure you use quotes from the actual book to support your thesis!!

Added on 08.02.2015 18:47
I also uploaded the instruction for your assistance. It is the book The Metamorphosis by Kafka.