Nalysis Paper for The Color Purple, analyzing the effects Celie being raped and abused and the psychological problems it causes

This is an Analysis Paper so the only source is to be the Color Purple by Alice Walker

In a unified, coherent essay of 4-6 typed pages, double spaced with Times New Roman 12 point font, write an analysis of any of the works we have read

Once you have chosen a topic, go back to the work or works and to your notes and jot down notes concerning your topic. Then begin to plan your analysis. This is the time for a?freewritinga? or a?brainstorming,a? the time to get your impressions down in fragments or phrases on paper.

Work towards a decision on what point you want to make concerning your topic. Remember, this essay needs a thesis; it is not to be just a random collection of your impressions of the work. And it is not to be merely a summary, though you will need to do some summarizing in the essay to let your readers know where you are in the work. Consider it your general purpose to help some novice reader who has already read the work to better understand what the author is trying to get across or how the writer communicates some attitude or insight in the story. Your notes and the handout on the elements of literature in your course packet will be helpful as well as the class discussions and workshop, and donat forget to feel free to come to me or Oscar Ritchieas tutors in our computer lab for help.

1. Keep in mind that you are trying to help some inexperienced reader to better understand the work. This will help to keep you from merely summarizing it.
2. This bears repeating: DO NOT retell the story. This is not acceptable. Analyze the story, using summary only to clarify a point you are making.
3. Introduce your essay with a paragraph that attempts to get your readeras interest, provides her background for the discussion that will follow, and states the thesis of your essay. This paragraph should include the name of the work and the authoras full name. Body paragraphs should be about 75-150 words long. I have also provided some helpful writing resources on Vista.
4. IMPORTANT Include page references in parentheses following every quote from the work. Set off passages of quotation that are more than 41 words by indenting them .50 inch from the left margin (instead of putting them inside quotation marks). I will review the specifics of punctuating quotes during the workshop, but if you are still inexperienced with this and/or didnat do well on the first paper, I recommend getting or borrowing an English handbook and copying the section on quotations to keep for future reference.
5. If you feel that you want to use an opinion from another text, document it! Donat flirt with plagiarism. See me and Iall give you advice on how to represent them.
6. MOST IMPORTANT: You must back up whatever points you try to make with quotes from the text. It is essential to use at least one quote for each point you try to make while attempting to prove your thesis.
7. Do not forget that your style should be formal. DO NOT use first person, second person, contractions or slang.
8. Remember to pick one tense and stick to it. The rule for fiction is to use literary present tense. The important thing is not to keep switching back and forth, so pay attention to what you are saying.