Nalysis paper on Frank Lloyd Wrights architecture work Fallingwater, Kaufmann Housein Bear Run, Pennsylvania


I would like an analysis paper on Frank Lloyd Wrights, Fallingwater housefor my Humanities class. The paper must mention the historical context of the work, and explain how it influenced the work. Background and description of the work and the architect should be only one page. Analysis is two pages and starts with personal response and interpretation and then moves to personal evaluation.

Would I like to live in it? yes, I am an outdoor person and like the way the house is integrated with nature. I grew up in Minnesota and spent a lot of time backpacking and camping in northern Minnesota.

How would it make me feel? secure, happy, adventureous to be in a house that makes me feel like I am in the outdoors. the sound of the waterfall and the rushing water would ba a sound I could easily fall asleep to. Reminds me when I hike the Grand Canyon, the sound of the rushing water helped relax and get a peaceful night sleep.

Would I like the isolation? yes, I prefer isolation to the busy city. It is more peaceful in the country apposed to living in the city where it is busy, stessfull, and too crowded.

The nature and waterfall around the house? is beautiful and peaceful. Would use the pond that the waterfall leads to as my own swimming hole.

What do I like about it? All the nature and sounds of nature and water. The style of the house being open and integrated with the nature aroud it, the large rooms with cantilever ceilings and being able to see all the nature from inside the house.

Stuff like this!!

A work cited page needs to be submitted only if there is a lot of information that is not common knowledge about the architecture of the house or about teh archetect himself.

I will send a file with the pages of information about this house from my school text book when I get my account#

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