Nalysis Paper on the movie, Of Gods and Menby Xavier Beauvois

This paper should be 4-5 pages and double-spaced. In order to write this paper, you have to see the movie Of Gods and Men (by Xavier Beauvois, 2010). You might want to get access to this movie through different means of your own (Netflix, Blockbusters etc), or your own resources.
Please also consult these reading materials:
1. The New York Times film review of Of Gods and Men.
2. Some powerpoint slides

Please write an essay that discusses the French film Of Gods and Men a i.e., its overall message and particular insights, plot, images and symbolisms, historical context, etca using TWO categories that we have covered so far in the course (e.g., monks/monastery/monasticism, mysticism, the Holy Spirit, community, suffering/the cross, salvation, love/charity, politics, Christian mission, the principle of translation and adaptation, colonialism, etc). While you have to use relevant course materials, you also need to use your own thinking and creativity in putting all these elements together.

As you prepare to write this paper, the following questions might be of help:
In what ways does the movie illustrate (contextualize), complicate, or explain further the relevant topics and themes of our course, particularly two categories or themes that you choose? And, in what ways does our course (i.e., materials related the two categories or themes of your choice) help you understand the movie?

1. Make sure you cite the sources properly (author, title of the book/website etc, name of the publisher, year of publication, and page number).

I will upload some documents for additional resources.