Nalysis Paper Socialization and the family

For the paper, you are observing and analyzing an aspect of society using your sociological imagination. The paper is should be 4 pages.

1. Using you sociological imagination in everyday life.
2. Applying research methods of participant observation or content analysis
3. Analyzing how social structures of race, ethnicity, gender and/ or class shape culture and social interaction

4. using one of the research methods relevant to your topic, make some careful observations and taken notes.

5. use participant observation to look at social interaction between family members, co-workers, worker-boss, friends, etc. or to observe a social setting such as work, a night club, a wedding, or cultural event. Observe some and take notes on roles, division of labor, and/ or verbal and nonverbal interaction.

if you are already a participant of the group you are observing, you will need to need to get some critical distant and observe them as an outsider. if you are not a participant, you will need to spend time with the group by attending an event or Hanging out.

6. Use content analysis to look at images and objects in the culture, including the media such as TV shows, ads, magazines, music, a movie, internet, games, etc. as well as other products that have meaning in the culture. observe and take notes on the roles, norms, values, language, symbols, and/or stereotypes that are portrayed.

if you re member of the culture and consume its images and products, you will need to view them with Critical distance.if the culture images or products are outside your culture, you need to be able to see what it means for those within the culture.

7. choose 3 or 4 example for your observations to analyze.
fro each observation, analyze it on two levels. first level of analysis is Meaning”. second level is Social structure”.

***whatever topics or examples you like. use this method is ok: *intro description analysis conclusion