Nalysis Paper to address sustainability challenge

I am enrolled in postgraduate certificate course in sustainable value chains in Cambridge. As part of it, I need to submit a analysis paper based on a sustainable challenge or opportunty faced by my organization. The instruction says
The challenge can relate to social, environmental or economic components of sustainability, or any combination. The challenge should both be of relevance to the organisation (e.g. the potential to lose/ increase market share) and have wider sustainability relevance, i.e. it should aim to bring about

positive change for sustainable development beyond the organisation(s). There should be a i??business casei?? for responding and there is no reason why this cannot include direct benefit for the organisation, as long as it is also expected to result in sustainability benefits. I have decided on the following topic iDE faces a challenge in encouraging farmers to engage in climate-friendly production practices. At the same time, it faces a challenge in involving lead private companies in doing responsible business with base of the pyramid consumers.

The specific question will revolve around: ShouldCan iDE play a major role in influencing private sector companies such as Danish, a frozen food processing company, to address environmental. social and economic sustainable challenge in the potato value chain by commercialization of innovative technologies to cater to the base of the pyramid consumers? Furthermore, would a partnership between DE, Danish and other private sector actors in the potato value chain (such as seed companies and possible Ddutch Agro companies) be a plausible tool to achieve this?”

Added on 23.06.2015 08:15
I am attaching three files here. The first one is the university handbook. Please check section 2.1 and page 16-18 in particular to understand the research expectations and guideline. NExt, find a presentation that elaboarates the universityS guideline in writing the paper as well. Then, you will find my draft analysis plan with my supervisorS instructions. This should give enough information to start off the whole process I believe. Please note that iDE follows a market development ( M4P ) approach, so you may wish to use that as a framework also. LetS discuss further once you have started writing. I will soon upload some more relevant papers as well. I would expect you to use and refer to some BoP, M4P, shared value and sustainable agriculture references as well. Please research the organization iDE as well and reveiw its publications also. LEt me know if you need additional information