Nalysis Paper (Whatever the writer chooses)

# Choose ONE myth from the following list, or use another myth that fits the myth definition stated in the key points.

* Romantic love
* Good/evil
* Religious myth
* American dream
* Monomyth

# Determine TWO different artifacts that illustrate the components of your chosen myth. Acceptable artifacts include songs, games, television shows, movies, plays, or a works of art. For example, you may choose a song AND a movie.
# Analyze your chosen myth and artifacts. Look for the patterns and themes underlying the myth and how those patterns and themes are demonstrated in the artifacts.

For example, the movie Star Warsuses all of the major components of Joseph Campbells monomyth. Three of the major components of the monomyth are:

1. Separation
2. Initiation
3. Return

In the Star Wars movie, Luke Skywalker (the hero) is separated from his family. He is initiated into the ways of the Jedi, and finally returns to his family (his sister, Princess Leia).

Please note that this is a major simplification of the monomyth and a more detailed analysis is expected in your response. In addition, you are not required to restrict yourself to movies; think about books, television commercials, or print advertisements. You may be surprised how often myths are used once you are aware of their component parts.
# Write your analysis in a 3to 4page paper in APA format in which you:

1. Identify your chosen myth.
2. Discuss the components of your chosen myth.
3. Explain how your chosen contemporary example illustrates the components of your chosen myth.
4. Predict why these mythic patterns are (or are not) so attractive to contemporary audiences.
5. Identify and discuss the evidence you find that television writers, novelists, or advertising copywriters research these mythic sources and consciously incorporate them into their work.
6. Discuss how the presence of the myth affects you and how your knowledge of the presence of the myth affects how you will view movies in the future.
7. Defend your positions with reliable cited courses. Read the guidelines to distinguish among popular magazines, professional periodicals, and scholarly Journals.

Please send me the URL and location for the chosen artifacts for this paper.