Nalysis Research paper of Edgar allen poes Cask of amontillado”

paper is 2000-2500 wds, 8-10 pages, double spaced, 12 point font
Content: 40 pts. Introduction states narrowed topic & a clearly appropriate thesis or purpose, & a major points.
-Writer provides ample relevant examples, reasons, & analysis of sources to support the thesis.
-paper avoids summarizing & focuses on analysis.
-Author avoids needless repetition & uses a vivid, scholarly vocabulary, as well as maintains sentence structure variety, sentence introduction variation, & flow.
-Paragraphs have clear topic sentences.
-Content has originality/ character/ style & contains perceptive ideas.
-Organization: 15 points
-Paper includes an introduction, body, conclusion, & works cited that work together clearly & concisely.
-Author follows logical outline that clearly develops the thesis and does not stray from the topic.
-Paragraphs are fully developed with a clear purpose and smooth transitions.
Mechanics & Grammar: 20 pts
-Writing is free of grammar errors such as word usage, agreement, proper structure, etc.
-all sentences are punctuated correctly with few to no mechanical errors.
-paper uses formal diction with correct spelling.
MLA documentation: 25 pts
-Each quotation/paraphrase/summary/ is introduced smoothly.
-each quotation/paraphrase/summary is significant to the thesis.
-parenthetical citations included appropriately.
-documentation of paraphrases & quotes punctuated correctly.
-ellipses & quotation marks handled appropriately.
-all paraphrases & quotes have entry on Works cited.
-works cited entries are in appropriate formats.
-at least 8 sources, ONLY TWO can be unique to internet.
-all sources listed on the works cited are used in paper at least once.
all headings, headers, & margins are in proper format.