Nalysis research paper on Food tradeUS Food Exports and Imports

This is an analysis research paper on Food Trade:
US Food Exports and Imports.
1-Analyze and identify the global impacts of agriculture industrialization, corporatization and globalization of food production.
2-Compare and contrast historical and modern perspectives of economics as they relate to resource utilization and sustainability.
-This paper must be comprised of 3 essential parts. A strong thesis statement, solid methodology and a strong and concise conclusion. Must have good organizationstructural development of idea.
-Double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins
-Must be in APA format, including citations and work cited page
-Citations and Bibliographymust have in text citations, include MORE than 6 major references (ex. Science journal articles, books, but NO MORE that 2 internet sites. Periodicals available on line are not considered internet sites.