Nalysis the case study of The car that saved JLR on three topics from this module.

Compulsory *** Use this case study for critical (follow this link (/html#slide0
read the case and Analysis by choose 3 Topic below
Follow three Topic.
1. Power and political
2. Strategic Human Resource Management
3. Culture in Organisation
Task: Analysis of a case study in the form of an individual written assignment based on three topics from this module.
-Discussion : Power and political, Strategic Kuman resources, and Culture in Organization
Additionally: Use Figure, ,graph, etc and critical are relate with case study
1. Power and Political use figure of Emic framing of intersectionality of diversity and etc that writer need.
2. Strategic of HRM use figure of Linking HR to strategy, Linking HR policies, the black box and the role of the manager, and etc that writer need
3. Culture in organization use figure of Scheinas Three levels of culture and etc that writer need.

Length: maximum of 2300 words. Weighting: 80%
You will choose either:
a An organisation you have worked for
a Or an organisation that you read about in the news
a It must be a case study about a specific organisation a the organisation can be any sector, any country a make sure it is an organisation
a Some topics may be: an organisation in crisis; an organisation undergoing change; a new organisation; an organisationas success and/or failure; and many other possibilities.
a Summarise information about your organisation in a 2 page appendix, if your organisation (the appendix is not included in the word count). If you choose another organisation from the news, summarise the news article that you found, and/or attach the news article at the end.
a? Use case study material to illustrate your assignment a your choice of the 3 topics
a? We are not interested in long descriptions about your case study in the main body of your paper!! (the description will be in the appendix). We are interesting in how you apply your 3 chosen topics to analyse critically the organisation.
a? Structure a there is no set structure. The same general expectations apply, of having: Introduction, the analysis, and then the conclusion. Some students may like to discuss all three topics in an interconnected way throughout the essay, and some students may like to have three separate sections for each chosen topic, and there are other possibilities. It is your choice how to structure the essay a make sure that you are meeting the basic requirements and having a structure that provides clear direction and flow.
a? If you wish, you may undertake further research if you choose a case study in the news, but you are strongly advised to limit how much additional research you undertake on this occasion

Reference : sources of book 5 (2007present)
source of journal 7 ( 2005present)
source of internet 6