Nalysis the setting in the novel Hunger Games

Learn and use literary analysis to further understand our course novel i??Hunger Gamesi??. Write one page using one key literary term and detail how it works in the novel.
Write about setting: 1. Detail the noveli??s setting and 2. Explain the importance of setting to our assigned reading in the novel for this week.
Use two examples of quoted support to help show your ideas in action and use correct MLA in-text citations. Remember to analyze your quotes! For your quoted examples, practice integrating your quoted support and analyzing them:
1. include your quotes within your sentence structure,
2. use correctly formatted MLA in-text citations,
3. explain/analyze your quotes (tell us why it is important, explain it, and show us how it supports your reading of the text).
Remember fyou must write at least10-12 sentences per post (make sure to follow the i??Discussion Post Grading Rubrici??.
At the end of your discussion post, ask a discussion question. Follow the discussion post assessment rubric.
Your essay will be run through TurnItIn to ensure it is your original work. Remember, TurnItIn will automatically count your quotes as part of your percentage of possibly plagiarized work. I will disregard anything that TurnItIn finds that are quotes

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