Nalysis tools for exploring competitive advantage-THE ANALYSIS TOOL: Ives and Learmonth Customer Resource Life Cycle Framework

Analysis tools for exploring competitive advantage
This assignment contributes to the learning objective use a range of models and frameworks to explore competitive advantage in a given case industry.
THE ANALYSIS TOOL: Ives and Learmonth Customer Resource Life Cycle Framework
Answer the following three questions:
1.Why was your allocated model developed? For this question you are required to explain how the business environment was changing at the time of development of the framework and why these changes led the creators of the framework (Ives and Learmonth) to identify the need for the framework. This question requires that you understand and explain what situations or events influenced them to develop a new framework or model. Note: this question does NOT require you to describe the framework. For this question you will not receive marks for merely describing the framework.
2.What is the framework? To answer this question you will need to describe the framework and explain its purpose.
3.How does one use the framework? For this question you are required to provide instructions on how an enterprise can use your framework. For example, assume I, as an enterprise owner have just heard about the framework and want to use it but do not know what to do or how to do it. Tell me what to do and how to do it.

A further explanation,
Example A white Board Pen
Why was it invented?
White boards replaced chalk boards because of dust etc. and a writing device which was simply removable. (Note there is no description of the article itself)
What is it?
It is a cylindrical marker with a fibre tip, covered with a coloured cap, and contains an ink which is removable from a white board surface with an eraser or special fluid.
How do you use it?
You grasp it in your hand and move it across the surface writing large enough letters so he audience can see. You use a proper white board eraser and correct fluid to clean the board.

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Read carefully those uploaded articles relevant to the framework questions. You must use these 2 articles: a?Can information technology revitalize your customer servicea? and a?The information system as a competitive weapona?. You have to find relevant information for the Customer Resource Life Cycle Framework in rest articles. So there are 4 or 5 sources should be used in this assignment. Use uploaded articles only.
Please see the Guidelines PFD for more details.