Nalysis:Educational Issue(s)& Globalisation

This essay builds on your previous essay review. This time, however, instead of choosing readings, the task is to choose an issue from the course, and then follow the steps of the critical review (outlined for the first assignment), using the readings from the course.You must seek approval for your essay topic.Please give the specific wording of the topic, structured in relation to the title given above.

Although the assignment topic invites you to Choose an issue from the course”, this doesnt mean that you should write your assignment completely freely. Remember the instruction on the course outline, that It is essential for both assessment items for you show that you have read the required readings for the course”. In other words, whatever topic you choose, you need to refer to course readings in your answer.

Basically, whatever your topic, the task is the same: to write an argumentative essay that looks across the course as a whole. Dont be distracted into a different direction by your chosen topic. The substance of the essay needs to reflect what weve covered in the course as a whole. Your topic provides a springboard or a reference point for the essay it shouldnt take you off into a different direction altogether.