Nalysis/Evaluation of an Argument draft

Topic: Write an essay in which you analyze the elements of a published, written argument and make your own evaluative claim concerning the effectiveness of the authoras argument.

Argument Analysis/Evaluation Defined: An argument analysis examines the components and elements of an argument (as discussed in the related reading assignments in the text) and reaches a conclusion about the extent to which the argument is effective or ineffective. It is NOT merely a discussion of whether or not you agree with the argument and the writeras claim.

Length: 3 to 5 pages, typed and double spaced (note: a?at least 3 pagesa? means a full, third page and the start of a fourth).

Audience: A university group whose members are unfamiliar with the original essay.

Writing Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to provide a rhetorical analysis and evaluation of a chosen article and to practice the skills of argumentative writing.

Assignment Details: Choose an article that interests you from the list of links found on the WebCampus a?Web Linksa? page for Project Two. Use online discussion and ideas from Read, Reason, Write and Writing Matters to help recognize rhetorical strategies in this essay or opinion piece, in essence interpreting how the authoras techniques convey argumentative meaning. Next, brainstorm, free write, and pre-write as you like until you formulate a thesis statement that presents your critical response to the chosen article, one that consists of your evaluation of the degree to which the writeras argument is convincing. Construct an essay that argues for the validity of your thesis/claim using techniques discussed in Classand in your textbooks. Be sure to write in the a?academic style,a? i.e.: no first or second-person pronouns (I, me, we, us, you) and please use Standard American English. Research outside the article chosen is not allowed for this assignment, nor are quotations/citations from outside sources permitted. All quotations, paraphrases and summary must be fully cited in MLA format. For this Project: to cite the location of material that you refer to in the essay, use the paragraph numbera either integrate the reference into your sentence or use a parenthetical citation. For example: (par. 8). Use attributive verbs (use of authoras name and signal verbs to introduce information). Your paper should follow the organizational outline for the a?classical argumentative essaya? provided by your instructor. For your chosen article you minimally need to analyze audience and purpose, evaluate the authoras use of evidence, evaluate the authoras response to opposing views, and possible reader objections. Please dont forget, since this paper is your own argument as well, you must present opposition to your thesis, too (suggestions for this will be given in the outline that will post mid week).

Formatting: please see the Format for all Assignments link in Learning Modules

Project components:

1 copy attached as file attachment via WebCampus Assignments link for Project 2

Rough draft of essay Posted by Deadline on Discussion Board

Peer review Responses to two other classmates

(review Grading Rubric before Final Draft is submitted)

Files with the following problems will not be accepted:

File is incomplete (one or more components are missing).

Final document does not meet length requirement of at least 3 pages (with at least the start of a fourth page).

Format of final document does not meet MLA guidelines

Drafts and final essay are duplicates (rather than true revisions)

Final draft is late, not turned in at deadline

Project 2: Article Choices
Please choose one of the following articles on which to write your Project 2
Dream-Logic, The Internet & Artificial Thought
Out of Touch”