Nalysis:Pollock, Griselda, a?Modernity and the Spaces of Femininity.a?

Focus questions for this reading:

Begin with a concise synopsis of the argument in this excerpt a what is the a?objecta? of study, and what issue or angle is of interest to the author? Can you identify 1-2 sentences in the work that function as a thesis statement or an emphatic conclusion?

Continue to explore what the authoras primary subject is a paintings, artists, movements, scholarship? If images are her primary sources, which ones? If texts are her primary sources, which ones?

About the author: Is she dead or alive? What is her profession (e.g. Art historian, historian, critic, journalist, curator)? What is her area of expertise, judging from her training and from her other publications? What political or intellectual ideology does she espouse?

Specific questions about the essay: What is the a?masculinist myth of modernisma??
How does Pollock characterize TJ Clarkas argument? What does she think his main points are and which ones does she take issue with? How does Pollock use the concept of a?mappinga??