Nalytic book essay on The Laramie Projectby Moises Kaufman

The Laramie Project
Author: Moises Kaufman

ISBN: 978-0-375-72719-1


Consider this statement by Moises Kaufman AND Discuss and analyze the theme of (Acceptance Vs. Tolerance OR Prejudice) in The Laramie Project. AND what is revealed about various ideologies and beliefs in larger U.S culture through reading the Laramie Project?

There are moments in history when a particular event brings the various ideologies and beliefs prevailing in a culture into sharp focus. At these junctures the event becomes a lightening rod of sorts, attracting and distilling the essence of these philosophies and convictions. By paying careful attention in moments like this to peoples words, one is able to hear the way these prevailing ideas affect not only individual lives but also the culture at large(v. Kauffman)

REMEMBER to always look at the relationship between things, ideas and themes.

-A clear thesis statement is mandatory. UNDERLINE THE THESIS
-The use of textual evidence is mandatory.
-Cite the quotes using MLA standard formating.