Nalytic book essay on the novel No No Boyby John Okada

PROMPT : Throughout the novel No No Boy the protagonist (Ichiro) is at once searching for a seemingly lost identity, yet he is also extremely self-conscious of his own identity as a Japanese American.
Discuss and explain this conflict.
What does his identity conflict reveal about the larger society?

5 pages, double-spaced, Times 12 font, with standard margins.
Clear thesis statement. please underline the thesis statement.
Must use textual evidence ( 3 quotation from the text minimum)
dont use Istatements in analytic essays
look at the relationship between things, ideas and themes.
Paper should reflect an understanding of the socio-historical setting in which the work was written as well as an original analysis of the work itself.
Secondary sources should not be used, the only source is the book No-No Boyby John Okada
ISBN 0-295-95525-2