Nalytical Assignment : Erich Fromm, The Escape From Freedom

Analytical Assignment : Erich Fromm, The Escape From Freedom

The Escape from Freedom investigates the psychological reasons for the emergence of authoritarian governments. This assignment asks you to discuss some of Fromms solutions to the problems of freedom. In other words, in Fromms view, how is it possible to overcome the alienation and isolation associated with modern life?

Some guidelines:

2) When you cite the reading, please put the page number in parenthesis at the end of the sentence just before the period. A correct citation might look something like this:

According to Veblen, the characteristic feature of leisure class life is a conspicuous exemption from all useful employment (17).

4) One inch margins. double space. Times font.

6) Papers must be at least 2 pages long.

7) Put your name at the top of the paper.