Nalytical Book Review of Old South, New South, or Down South?:Florida and the Modern Civil Rights Movement”

Analytical book review on the book: Old South, New South or Down South?: Florida and the Modern Civil Rights Movement has a Kindle version of this bookplease order the Kindle version and send me the payment information or however it works

Read the introduction of the book and chose a single chapter to review (CHAPTER 4: TOMS AND BOMBS)why I put 2 sources instead of 1, but they both come from the same book.

you do not need to read the full book. Be aware for your footnotes and the critiquethe different chapters have different authors, so the Turabian-style footnotes should have different authors names according to whatever quotes are used. PLEASE avoid using first person, rhetorical questions, and do not directly address the author.

Must include three main elements: THESIS, DEVELOPMENT, and CRITIQUE.

Remember: there are two parts to analyze and critiquethe introduction written by Irvin D. S. Winsboro and Chapter 4: Toms and Bombs by Leonard R. Lempel

-Thesis should be a statement of the authors proposition/POV; Why was this book written

-Development is the manner in which the author proves his thesis. How does he argue with the position? Give examples and quotes from book to support this. Remember, you must compare/contrast Irvin Winsboros introduction and Leonard Lempels article and how they play into each other.

-Critiqueevaluate what you have read. Does the author have a particular bias? Does the author prove his thesis? Include a candid reaction to the book.

For quotes, please put page number in parenthesis after quote.

-This is not a play-by-play or a summary, but more of an analysis and how the author proves or does not prove his thesis and how Leonard Lempels article plays in with Irvin Winsboros introduction.