Nalytical Essay. Hispanics crossing the border and the physical and psychological barriers.

This essay is suppose to be loosely based on Richard Rodriquezs essay, The Fear of Losing a Culture”. My thesis and topics are derived from it. The thesis is: Hispanics not only attempt to cross the physical border into America, but also suffer a psychological barrier when they are denied a place in society and so continue to search for identity in a world that does not allow one.
My instructor wants Intro with thesis at end of first paragraph and the topics to evolve from the thesis. The topics for body of essay are and these are very generalized so you have a lot of play or add/change as needed 1)Why does America not want Hispanics in America and does it matter if there are illegal or not. 2)The wrongs of mexican govt that caused the migration of immigrants.3)How Hispanics search for identity in society. 4) How can we accept them or have common ground. 2 pages with reference page. Thank you!!