Nalytical Essay Intergrating Sociological and Psychological perspectives on Substance Abuse

Please use the instructions that I give you please to write this paper.

I have to write a essay on Substance Abuse. The essay need to discuss the current event and issue on substance abuse, this essay need to examine the psychological and sociological frameworks, constructs or concepts used to describe, explain, analyze and critique the causes, manifestation, and consequences of substance abuse. The strongest essay will attempt to integrate sociological and psychological perspectives in the analysis. The essay should be a minimum of four pages with proper citations.In class we were told to look at this topic in a sociology & psychology level and compare substance abuse to sociology and psychology concepts. Explain every concepts and how it relate to substance abuse.

More instructions ( VERY IMPORTANT): Substance abuse(i.e. alcohol,crack cocaine, marijuana, inhalants,etc.) is a major problem in urban,suburban,and rural areas. Using psychological and sociological perspective, discuss reasons/factors/phenomena that may contribute to the development of a substance abuse problem(s). How does substance abuse impact communities, and what are some social/community responses(i.e., through the criminal justice system)

The sources that need to be mention in my paper are books ( VERY IMPORTANT): 1.Sigeal, Brown& Hoffman, 2. Spencer A. Rathus, 3. General Psychology PSY 2012.

The concepts that need to be mention in my paper are ( VERY IMPORTANT): Culture, Poverty, Social Structure theory etc..

This is (VERY IMPORTANT) Talk about…. Psychological traits, Trait theory, Define Substance abuse and the dependence affect,. Talk about What may cause people to use drugs? or What are the major cause of substance abuse? Also talk about the justice system and the affect that substance plays on the community and our society pass, present.

Please…. Please read all of the instruction that was given, this will help you write a perfect paper. Thank You!!