Nalytical Essay of Mark Steinbergs Voices of Revolution, 1917

Analytical Essay

Write an essay that analyzes Mark Steinbergas Voices of Revolution, 1917, Yale University Press. Read the introductions to each section of the book. Address in a 4 page paper, section TWO of the book. Read the sources included in that section and write an essay about them. USE ONLY THIS BOOK FOR SOURCES.

One inch margins, double spaced with footnotes. In the upper right corner of page ONE, SINGLE SPACED, my name, Paul Lucas, the course name, HIST314B-1: Russian and Soviet History 1855-Present and the date, March 15, 2012. The rest of the paper is to be DOUBLE spaced. THE COVER PAGE SHOULD NOT BE NUMBER 1, THE FIRST PAGE OF THE ESSAY IS NUMBER ONE.