Nalytical Essay On the Topic of Marriage in The Stronger”, by Stringberg, and Trifles”, by Glaspell

The instruction is to compare and contrast the topic of marriage in these two works. I have gotten these two works from the book called, Textbook: Writing Through Literature”, by Scholes, Comley, and Ulmer. I am supposed to relate the topic of marriage to the theme. (She likes if the themes are stated near the beginning) She has basically given be the themes, which are: for The StrongerWomen should forgive unfaithful husband. (MIght also be good to note that she believes Mrs. X is the Stronger one) and the theme for TriflesWomen are oppressed by husbands. (Then she pointed out that even the husbands that thought they were good, still oppressed, but especially the bad ones). Other Notes she gave me: (use quotes from both essays, AND explain why they support the materialKEY) and other info: (dont necessarily have to use) is in the Stronger that Miss Y broke off engagement because Fiance was unfaithfulSet on Christmas eve to imply a rebirth of Mrs. X and her husband, and also to show Miss Y alone. Mrs X learned of the affair Mrs Y had with her husband during there conversation. Mrs. Y had and affair with Bob while he was married to Mrs X. For Trifles: Portrays men as unfamiliar with womens work. Minnie Foster killed her husband because he emotional abused her. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peter suppress information because they empathize with Minnie. (Again, I give you all this last information so it coincides with my Prof opinion, but dont necessarily need to use all) Also, remember (her words) that an analytical essay must be an argumentative, persuasive essay.