Nalytical essay (Perioperative Nursing)

This is an Analytical Essay pertaining to perioperative nursing. My area of speciality is Spinal Surgery working as a scrub nurse. (Australia)

Students are to select Spinal Surgery as a surgical specialty area (including anaesthesia or postanaesthesia recovery [PAR]) and critically examine evolving practice in this area, and its impact. The following headings should be used.
1. Present a very brief overview of the chosen surgical specialty in the essay s introduction.
2. Describe the key issues related to or associated with delivering surgical patient care in the chosen specialty. Analyse these issues and their impact, concerns or consequences. In their discussion, students should consider some if not all of the following:
” The particular requirements of patients who experience this type of surgery and their condition generally.
” The composition of the surgical team who deliver this surgery, and their qualifications, experience, competence and the team s culture.
” The impact of delivering this surgical service on perioperative nurses.
” The wider implications of delivering this service  cost, known effectiveness, the hospital s support of the service and any relevant Department of Health (DOH) (or other)policies that have a direct impact on it.
” The complications and adverse events associated with the chosen specialty.
” Students may identify other, unique issues associated with the chosen specialty, and these should also be explored.
3. Conclude by summarising and evaluating the discussion; the summary could include (potential) future directions for the surgical specialty examined.
4. The analysis and discussion must be supported by current literature.