Nalytical Paper Assignment (Syria and Ukraine)

Your task:

Write an essay (6-7 pages, double-spaced) that agrees, disagrees or is ambivalent about this claim. Regardless of your position, your paper should:

Deal with the broad character as well as specific details of the interventions (or lack thereof) in Syria and Ukraine. Your argument should also take on the question of how the two might be connected to each other and what can be considered the a?Kosovo precedent.a?
Engage specifically the arguments proffered by the Liberals (Bass) and Marxists (Lenin and North) on the questions of imperialism and humanitarian intervention. In addition, your paper should engage with the arguments about contemporary international relations made by one of the following scholars a Bacevich, Said, or Prashad. You could this in many ways a for instance, use one of the theoretical frameworks to support your argument, while engaging with the other two as providing potential challenges and showing why they are ineffective.

In crafting your essay, it might be useful for you to consider issues such as the nature of imperialism (Did imperialism end with de-colonization? If not, how do we explain its continuation?), and more specifically, its relationship to the concept of humanitarian intervention (Can the same state be imperialist in one situation and not so in another? Even if desirable, is humanitarian intervention possible in contemporary politics? What a if any a should be the balance between great power politics and the desire to protect human rights?)

How to write the paper:

Your paper will be graded on the basis of three main factors:

cogency and strength of your argument
your familiarity and usage of the texts read for class, and the simulation assignment
overall clarity of writing.

Keep in mind that writing styles vary from person to person and there is no single style that will assure you a good grade. However, the hallmark of any good writer is her ability to convey her point of view to the reader in a clear and persuasive manner. Since this is an academic paper, you need to follow a more formal style of writing a which means that you should avoid colloquialisms and follow a proper and consistent citation style.

You might find the following suggestions useful as you start working on your paper.

Your essay should demonstrate that you understand the material, but it should not be a mere summary of it. The essay should therefore begin with an introductory paragraph that presents a thesis statement. In order to be effective, the statement should be very clear and explicit, giving the reader an idea of what you are arguing and which position you are arguing from (For instance, a?Despite the occasional setbacks, events in the past decade and a half have conclusively proved that it is possible for the international community to go beyond the shadows of the imperialist pasta? The first paragraph should also include a schematic account of how you will go about defending and demonstrating your argument (To make this argument, this paper begins witha¦a¦I then move to an analysis ofa¦.I conclude witha¦.).

The main part of the paper would then be a fleshing out of the claims as you presented the in the first paragraph. As you proceed, you should remember that while the argument must be your own, it must also be well grounded in the readings. Keep in mind that you do not need to present every bit of research that you have done a only use the material that is relevant to your argument. You can and should use textual references and quotations to make your case. Be sure to indicate the author and page number as you quote or make reference to the texts. You should, however, avoid too many lengthy quotations. Do not rely on a quotation, however powerful it may be, to carry the explanatory burden of your paragraph. The quotations you use should substantiate and illustrate your argument, not the other way around.

At the end, you should have a concluding paragraph that sums up your argument, how you went about establishing it, and perhaps reveals some insights or conclusions that your analysis has brought to light.

In writing the paper, keep in mind a few basic rules: be succinct (avoid long and dense sentences, stay away from repetitions, edit unnecessary connecting sentences like a?I will now turn to another pointa?); develop the argument cogently through good transition sentences that segue from one paragraph to the next; provide a fair summary of the counter-arguments; carefully select the quotes you need; and most importantly articulate the broader vision that frames your simulation role.

Finally, a good essays displays care in its self-presentation (spelling, style, etc.) and also some measure of elegance in its writing. Take some time to refine the phrases you construct and the words you use. While you may not be able to bear the sight of your paper after having worked on it for a couple of weeks, do remember that editing is a necessary process. A final read, even if it is cursory, of your completed essay will ensure that you hand it in without any obvious and easily avoidable errors.

Submitting the paper:

You are expected to submit a hard copy of the paper in Political Science Main Office (Adams Humanities 4142) . In addition, you are also required file your paper electronically on a plagiarism detection software. In order to do so, you will need to log on to blackboard, go to the a?Assignmentsa? section of the course content, where you will find a separate folder entitled a?Final Analytical Paper,a? and simply upload your paper

Please make sure that you file your paper electronically before submitting the hard copy. Papers that are not filed on turnitin will not be graded.