Nalytical Paper over slavery in the movie “12 years a slave”

Anaylze the recent movie adaptation of Solomon Northups harrowing account of this experience as a slave, “12 Years a Salve”.

The Setup: On the nature of antebellum slavery the historian Eugene Genovese observed in his great work Roll Jordan Roll: The World the Slaves Made”:
Southern paternalism, like every other paternalism, had little to do with Ole Massas ostensible benevolence, kinds and good cheer. It grew out of the necessity to discipline and morally justify a system of exploitation. It did encourage kindness and affection but it simultaneously encouraged cruelty and hatred. The racial distinction between master and salve heightened the tension inherent in an unjust social order.”

**The Question: With Geneoveses observation in mind, A number of people have been struck by the intimate, face to face nature of antebellum slavery as depicted in the film. How did the intimacy of daily interaction shape slavery as it is depicted in the film?

Instructions: no longer than 3 pages, double spaced, one inch margins all around, 12 point Times New Roman font,