Nalytical Paper : The Legal Perspective

In this paper, you will be analyzing the film a?Boiler Rooma? from a legal perspective.

There are numerous examples of potentially illegal activities featured in the film. These activities may include actions, affirmative statements, omissions and/or schemes. Some of the activities may violate the rules discussed in Chapter 11 of the textbook, and elaborated on in class.
Analyze one such activity from a legal perspective and determine whether the victims would prevail against the perpetrators in a court of law. First, identify the potentially illegal activity, including a brief description of the parties involved and how the activity worked. Then, based on what you have learned in class and from Chapter 11 of the textbook, identify the rule of law that the activity might violate, defining the rule and its elements. Finally, apply the law to the facts and analyze whether the victims would be likely to win in a court of law.
Your answer should be written in essay format. There is no need to consult sources beyond your textbook, your class notes, and the film itself. Your essay should not exceed 600 words and should be double-spaced, utilizing Times Roman 12 point font and 1 inch margins. You must indicate the exact word count at the top of your essay.