Nalytical Questions on Oedipus the King and Antigone

Analytical questions on Oedipus the King and Antigone, Translated by Robert Fagles ( The three Theban Plays: Penguin Classics8-10 pages.

1. Historical Contextdiscuss the relation ship of the time period in which the plays were written with the subject matter for each play. must refer to Greece and the Theaterand the introductions to each play. 1-2 well-developed paragraphs MLA format.

2.Biographical information about Sophocles: discuss relevant and significant information about Sophocles in Greece and the Theaterand the introductions to each play. 1 well-developed paragraph, MLA format.

3.Play and Elements of Drama: include key events with labels and play components for each of the three plays. 3paragraphs(1 for each play)

4. Characters: for each play, discuss the major and minor characters with the following information: name, function and significance in the play(s), conflicts he or she faces, key quotations with analysis-two for each major character; one for each minor character, the equivalent of 3-4 well-developed paragraphs.

5.SettingDiscuss the role of the setting. keeping in mind the Greek unities described on the drama sheet. 1 short paragraph per play.

6.structure;Describe the organization of each play as well as the significance of that organization. 1 short paragraph per play.

7.Diction and Language: Analyze Sophocies diction and syntax in the playswhat is the effect of language on key characters? Events? Themes? 2-3 paragraphs.

8.Tone: Explain how Sophocies uses changes in tone with an example from each play? What is the purpose and effect of these changes? 2paragraphs.

9.Literary Devices: Concrete detail, imagery, figurative language, irony: Provide examples from the plays to indicate the use of these devices. Be sure to focus heavily on irony in the plays, especially Oedipus the King. 2-3 paragraphs.

10. Symbols/Motifs: find symbols throughout the plays especially references to dark/light and sight/blindness, then analyze how they influence the meaning. 2-3 paragraphs

11Themes: Discuss 1-2 primary themes for each play. Note: A theme is a controlling idea, central insight, comment about topic, or universal truth about the human condition. A comment about theme should be written as a statement with a subject, predicate and a position; it is not one word. (e.g. IncorrectJealousy is a primary theme in William Shakespeares tragedy Othello.CorrectThe devastating effect of jealousy is a primary theme in William Shakespeares tragedy Othello.) 1 well-developed paragraph per play.

12. Memorable Quotes: for each play. provide at least three (30 memorable quotations with analysis. 1 will-developed paragraph per play.