Nalytical report of educational practices

This assignment involves the report and evaluation of ONE observed focus child from your placement at a long day care/kindergarten (for Early Years students) in relation to how educational practices can impact on the childs development. The educational practices include curriculum design and pedagogical practices that are implemented in the learning and teaching contexts.
The report must be based on observation evidence of the childi??s learning in the context of learning and teaching that happens in the day care/kindergarten. In cases where placements are delayed, a hypothetical case study of a relevant aged child will be accepted to complete this assignment.
In completing this report, you will first need to identify the learning and teaching issues and childi??s developmental characteristics that may have impacted upon the childi??s learning. This identification will lead to developing appropriate support/learning plan for your focus child.

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Education setting is long day care with the age between 3-5