Nalytical Report of Professional Practice (Behaviour Management)

I have to write a essay on a weakness of mine. I have chosen Behaviour Management in a primary school setting. The Module Guide reads like this:

Analytical and evaluative review of professional practice focusing on a particular area of practice that requires development .Based upon a reflective statements linked to key pieces of evidence which will be submitted as an appendix.

This can be written in any way.


Students should be able to:

1. Use appropriate theoretical ideas to critically evaluate aspects of their own personal, professional practice. So What does this mean? What is a professional?

2. Demonstrate in depth knowledge and understanding and a critical awareness of specialist areas of practice in childrenas care, learning and development. In Depth Knowledge, What does this mean? and Critical Awareness, what does this mean?

3. Make recommendations for their own practice, which are based upon theoretical ideas and critical evaluation their practice to date. Recommendations for their own practice, which are based upon theoretical ideas and critical evaluation, What does this mean?

Have to in the essay answer the 3 learning outcomes.

Referencing Requirements:
These are the books I would like you to use:

Sue Roffey & Terry OReirdan (2001) Young Child Classroom Behaviour. London:David Fulton Publishers.

Simon Ellis & Janet Tod (2009) Behaviour For Learning. Proactive approaches to behaviour management. Oxon:David Fulton Publishers.

Philip Graham (2005) Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Children and Families Second Edition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Laurie J. Mullins (2007) Management and Organisational Behaviour Eighth Edition. Essex: Pearson Education Limited