Nalytical report on the international marketing strategy of BreadTalk in Singapore entering United Kingdom

When preparing the analytical report, describe the current strategies of Breadtalk in the world market and give an assessment of the relevance of these strategies given the present and likely future developments in the industry. Must use secondary sources and must be in analytical context.

1. Introduction

2. Evaluate international marketing situations that may affect the company strategies:

2.1 Using PESTEL analysis Provide situation analysis on the chosen country (UK) (30% of the marks)

2.2 Using SWOT analysis state the Key opportunities identified (10% of the marks)
2.2.1 State the internal & external factors

3. Construct an international Marketing plan for the company (BreadTalk Singapore)

3.1 Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (10% of the marks)

3.2 State the chosen market entry strategy (10% of the marks)

3.3 Use International Marketing Mix (40% of the marks)
3.3.1 State whether using standardisation or Adaption approach between the home (Singapore) and host country (UK)
(4Ps Product, Price, Place and Promotion)

4. Conclusion
5. References (Harvard style)