Nalytical Reporting for Business Intelligence


This is an opportunity for you to explore visual data analysis and consider BI business solutions. This assignment requires you to choose appropriate visualization to find patterns in the data and present a convincing view of the issues.

1. Analysis of Data Warehousing 500-750 words (20%)
2. Visual Dashboard (30%)
3. Analytical Report on Visual Dashboard 1750-2000 words (50%)

Task 1: Analysis of Data Warehousing
Write a short report that considers how data warehouses are used in Business Intelligence, reference a recent data warehouse development or case study that handles complex data for data mining and justify your choice.

Task 2: Visual Dashboard
You may need to download software and a sample data set(s).

Design and implement a dashboard
Choose one of the following Business Intelligent tools to develop a suitable Dashboard:

1) Tableau Public
2) Inetsoft Style Scope
3) Infocaptor for Excel Dashboards
4) Microstrategy Web

Other software may be used please discuss if you wish to use an alternative.

Design and implement a suitable dashboard to visualize a data set.
Choose your data set(s) from here data

Show progressive investigation a demonstrate different capabilities of your dashboard. Create different displays, ways of filtering data, different styles of graph to demonstrate how your dashboard will enable you to problem solve, make decisions or enhance a business case

There should be a number of different visualizations available and you must use this dashboard to create an analytical report.

Task 3: The Analytical Business Report on your Visual Dashboard

a? Contents
a? Introduction
o Explain what sort of information and metrics will be shown on your dashboard. What actions can the user expect to take?

a? Design(s)
a? Implementation
a? Testing
a? Conclusions and Recommendation
o Critique your design a what are the good and bad points of your design
a? Appendices
a? Dashboard User Guide

Assessment Breakdown

This assignment is worth 50% of the overall module grade and is broken down as follows:

Task 1: 20%
Task 2: 30%
Task 3: 50%
a? Report Word Count should total 2500 words
a? Remember to cite and reference any supporting evidence in Harvard Referencing Format

Hand in Date: 11th May 2012

Please submit an electronic copy by midnight on the 11th May via the Submit Your Work button on NILE. Please include a link to your dashboard.

Referencing Requirements: