Nalytical Research paper on Edgar Allan Poes Dream Within A Dream”

write an analytical research paper on A Dream Within A Dream. This paper should be 6-8 pages in MLA format. You will also have a works cited page, in addition to your 6-8 pages of prose. You should use at least three secondary sources in addition to your primary source. Try to make at least one of these sources a print source (exceptions by approval of the instructor). All your sources should be fairly academic in naturea such as from a peer-reviewed journal, for example. You will therefore want to use resources such as EBSCO, ProQuest, the MLA International Bibliography, and JSTOR to locate sources. Sources do not have to be directly related to your primary source (eg, a criticism of said primary source), but you do have to incorporate them into your argument.
Your argument should make some claim about your primary sources. Please keep your arguments literature based; this course is about writing about writing, not so much about writing about societal issues. You will want to use terms and techniques we have used in classa discussions about ideas such as symbolism, motifs, themes, character, plot structure, setting, sound, authorial or directorial choice, etc, would be welcome. Make sure that your paper is more than summarya that you break into analysis. Donat just say what the author does, but how or why the author does it.
You might consider using one of the critical approaches discussed in Literature and the Writing Process (pages 1157-1162), such as an intertextual approach, a gender-studies focus, a post-colonial focus, etc. This is, however, not required; it is just another tool you might use to construct a coherent and interesting argument about your chosen text.
Make sure that your topic is narrow enough to cover in 6-8 pages. This is shorter than you think it will be. So instead of focusing on the entire source, you might focus on something narrower, such as a single character, a single passageas significance, or one or two symbols and how they develop.

You might consider these points while you write your fifth assignment:
a Make sure that your thesis makes a claim about the primary source.
a Keep your focus narrow. Focus on one aspect, and keep your reading close.
a Use concrete language rather than abstract wherever possible.
a Make sure each paragraph is focused, cohesive, and developed. Consider structure.
a Use an objective tone. Avoid personal pronouns and the 1st and 2nd person perspectives. Use the literary present tense.
a Make this paper your own. Donat be afraid to venture your own opinionsa and then back them up with textual evidence and secondary sources!
a Donat procrastinate. Keep up with the exercises so that you donat fall behind.
a Keep your notes organized so that you can find information easily and so that your citations are accurate.
a If you find you need extra help, please go to office hours or the Writing Center.
a Have fun with this! And donat panic!

This assignment will be graded on the following rubric (15% of final grade):
10 pts. Format
5 pts. Introduction
5 pts. Conclusion
10 pts. Mechanics
10 pts. In-text citation
10 pts. Works cited page (including 3 secondary sources and 1 primary source)
10 pts. Use of textual evidence
40 pts. Thesis, analysis, and argumentation