Nalytical Research topic Insurance going web based

Important Note: both a paper copy and an electronic copy of the research report
must be submitted; otherwise, the research report will not be marked
Assignment Instructions
Write an informative and compelling analytical research report on a program-related
topic of your choice. This report will form the basis for your research report presentation
in Week 13/14.
Refer to lecture material, examples, and chapters 12 and 13 of Business
Communication: Process and Product for information on preparing, writing, and
formatting business reports. Appendix B provides information on documentation
a? Use memo format
a? Single space
a? 12 point font
a? Verdana, Arial, or other sans serif font
a? include introduction, body, conclusion, recommendations
a? at least 1 graphic
a? indirect pattern of organization
a? appropriate business style (conversational, active voice, business language, polite
approach, informative content)
The research report should be between 3-5 pages (excluding references).
Your research report should include at least five sources to support your analysis and
conclusions. Cite your sources using MLA or APA consistently (donat switch between
formats; refer to Appendix B if youare uncertain).