Nalytical Review Paper a?The McDonaldization thesis: Is expansion inevitable?a? by George Ritzer

Read through the whole paper quickly to get a general sense of the topic being discussed, the supportive argument provided, the points made by Ritzer and the general structure of the paper. It is useful to initially just read through the material to acquaint yourself with the topic and how the author has structured his or her discussion. When you have completed the first reading of the article, reread the paper (highlighting and annotating your copy) keeping in mind that you are primarily addressing Ritzeras thesis that mcdonaldization is expanding temporally (i.e., spreading across the life course from birthing to dying).

i. a?The McDonaldization thesis: Is expansion inevitable?a? by George Ritzer

Your paper should include the following:

a? Define (i.e., what is) McDonaldization.
a? Demonstrate briefly your understanding of Ritzeras 5 features/dimensions of mcdonaldization.
a? Present a few examples that Ritzer introduces to make his case that mcdonaldization has penetrated life processes generally and the entire birthing process in particular (i.e., what Ritzer claims evidences the temporal expansion of mcdonaldization).
a? Include in your reactions to the reading points acquired from watching the documentary a?The Business of Being Borna, a?Babiesa, and other documentaries (e.g., Hyper Parents and Coddled Kids, Lost Adventures of Childhood, Virtual Adultery and Cyberlove etc) watched during the course.
a? Include at least two other academic sources (e.g., one that attempts to explain the rise in elective caesareans and/or interrogates other features of Ritzeras thesis that mcdonaldization is spreading temporally).
a? In your reaction to Ritzeras thesis it is essential that one considers and exemplifies how these 5 ingredients of mcdonaldization have spread to another sphere of life not addressed fully by Ritzer (e.g., the a?hurried or overscheduled/overprogrammed childa? phenomenon, corporatizing of schooling, fast-foodizing of dating practices).
a? Do you see the expansion of mcdonaldization spatially and temporally as a?inexorablea? as Ritzer claims or do you see evidence of resistance (e.g., slow movement)?