NALYTICALLY Compare The Great Gatsbyby Fitzgerald and Ceremonyby Leslie Silko and how they pertain to the so called American Dream”

If American life, experience, and history were determined by cliches, the so-called  American Dream would be fulfilled by most individuals, most groups of people, who come to this country and make their fortunes. American history would be overflowing with such successful people. But is the fulfillment of the  American Dream as widespread as the cliche is? In the narratives we re studying, is the  American Dream supposed to be fulfilled? Is it a continual search and pursuit instead? Whose American Dreams stand a chance of fulfillment? Whose don t have a chance? And if they don t have a chance to fulfill it, then why does the  American Dream persist as a theme in these texts? Using the Great Gatsby and Ceremony, and by analyzing evidence of the texts and contexts, argue whether and how the texts versions of the  American Dream are supposed to be fulfilled or why they aren t to be fulfilled and why the theme matters.