Nalyzation of literary devices as demonstrated in the lyrics of a song

Choose a meaningful song you frequently think about or hum to yourself. Besides the music and beat, what makes particular words stand out? Because of your experiences, the way you interpret and take meaning from the song will be different from others. It may even be different from what the songwriter intended when choosing certain word combinations to create an evocative, memorable experience. The same can be said of the person who chose those lyrics to sing.

Using your choice of song, analyze the type and the effectiveness of the literary devices used by the songwriter: irony, metaphor, personification, simile, and/or symbolism. Apply that analysis to explain the structure and meaning of the song. Incorporate related biographical or autobiographical information about the writer to provide further insight into the meaning of the song. You must use a total of three sources for this assignment: the song and two sources with biographical information.