Nalyze a recent (last 12 months) business article

5. Analyze a recent (last 12 months) business article that relates to some topic or concept in this course( operation and supply chain management). Analyze does NOT mean summarizing the article. Analyze means telling me what you learned that you did not know before. Example: This article illustrated how the concept of ABC was applied by XYZ Company. From it, I learned that putting the ABC concept into practice often requires ….a? Attach the article, or a copy of the article, with your written analysis.

NOTE: Regarding option 5, Summaryarticles (generally a paragraph or two in length) are not acceptable because they cannot provide a discussion that has enough depth. If you spot a topic of interest in such an article, go find a more complete treatment in a source like the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The Economist, etc.