Nalyze and assess the significance of Francis Bacons New Atlantis

Born in London,England in 1561, Francis Bacon was in many ways the epitome of the Renaissance Man”. Educated at Trinity College, Cambridge and Grays Inn, one of the fours Inns of Court in London, he was a lawyer, a Member of Parliament, Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England before he was disgraced by a scandal that landed him in the Tower of London, albeit briefly. He was a reasonably profilic author, a jurist, and a philosopher. But he is perhaps best known for the role he played during the Scientific Revolution and for his contributon to science. In fact, through works such as the Novum Organum, Bacon advocated what is often called The scientific methodor the Baconian method”. Bacons method was essentially inductive reasoning or inductive method by which one started with Factsor as large a body of facts as is possible and ten the facts would be organized and classified and used to develop theories to explain what was being observed.
In 1627, Bacon published New Atlantis, a treatis about a group of shipwrecked sailors in a fictional place called Bensalem. Many scholars believe that Bacon wrote the book to show the potential promise of his new scientific method. Your task in this assignment is to analyze and assess the significance of Bacons New Atlantis. What sort of society is Bacon portraying? What is the underlying argument of the book? What connection does New Atlantis have with the Scientific Revolution itself?