Nalyze and diagnose a hypothetical situation

Text message from Tom: a?hey, i just found a bunch of porn on an execas computer at work. really donat know what to do about this. can we talk about it tomorrow night?a?]

Your friend (letas call him Tom) approaches you with a dilemma and asks for your advice. He works in an IT department and has discovered a large amount of pornography on an executiveas computer. What kinds of questions should you ask Tom to get a better understanding of the situation? How would you advise him? Admittedly, this situation is deliberately vaguea you must supply the necessary details and then give recommendations based on those details.

Do not offer a single recommendation for action, since your friend may have any number of different goals. Instead, produce a series of questions and considerations to help Tom decide what to do. What are the pros and cons of blackmailing the executive? What are the pros and cons of doing nothing? Whatas the safest course of action? Whatas the riskiest? Perhaps most importantly: what are the various factorsa power structures, company policies, legal implications, and so ona that are necessary to know for proceeding? (Thatas where pursuing several lines of inquiry with Tom becomes very important for this exercise.) Flesh out this situation and illustrate points of complexity or tension.

Crucial difference: Although we typically treat a a?proposala? as a something that identifies a problem and offers a solution, this assignment requires you not to propose a single solution. Instead, your job is to flesh out the complex process of that first step: identify the problems and trace those problems to their various possible conclusions.

Please include this exact paragraph as an introduction (required);
My friend, Tom, finds himself in a difficult situation. At his IT job, he stumbled upon a large collection of pornography on an executiveas computer. He needs my advice, but I donat know any details beyond his short text message. When we meet tomorrow night, I should raise questions about all possible factors. These questions will help Tom assess his various options and their various possible consequences. For starters, I need to know what kind of pornography he found: is it legal? If nota for example, if itas child porna then Tom has a clear solution. He should go to the police immediately. If thatas the case, then Tom will not have to worry about retaliation or other complications within the company hierarchy.
But letas assume for now that the porn he found isnat illegal.